Public speaking about Parkinson's disease

The main goal of presentations is to show that traditional attitudes about Parkinson's disease are out of date.

I try to educate and inspire people with Parkinson's disease

  • to realize that we are not doomed to becoming severely disabled simply because we have Parkinson's disease
  • to realize that much of the physical limitations that we tend to attribute to the disease actually are due to deconditioning
  • to realize that we can at least partially reverse deconditiong by becoming active enough to recondition our neuromuscular system
  • to realize that by reconditioning ourselves we can decrease some of the most important motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease - we can improve balance, speed of movement, coordination, flexibility, and magnitude of movement

In discussions with health care professionals, I focus on scientific evidence related to the following issues:

  • how the conventional dismal expectations about Parkinson's disease can become a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • how health care professionals can cause beneficial placebo effects or harmful nocebo effects by their interactions with their patients
  • the benefits of regular physical activity in people with Parkinson's disease
  • why different kinds of physical activity can be expected to differ markedly in stimulating increased production of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

Services provided

Exercise training: classes, individual training

Counseling patients and families on how to cope with the many challenges of Parkinson's disease, and how to progress toward thriving in spite of these challenges

Public speaking: to patients, health care professionals, and students

Links to photos and videos

Boxing speed bag


Alpine skiing

Hiking to summit of South Sister, Oregon (altitude 10,358 feet)

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Exercise is something we have to do for ourselves. No one else can exercise for us and no pills can do for us what exercise does for us. There is no such thing as an exercise pill.